Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Big Finale: Menu Planning

Five weeks of house guests at the Hotel on 22nd is coming to an end, but not before the largest test of my hosting capabilities to date. I'm no stranger to hosting large groups at my house. Jillian and I spent a huge part of our senior year at FSU hosting people at 203 Juniper: parents weekend, graduation weekend, the Florida vs Florida State game, etc. etc. etc. But I always had Jillian by my side, coming up with ideas, helping to plan the menu and footing half of the grocery bill--not to mention, we hosted "weekends," I'm hosting over a dozen people over a four-day span.

Tuesday night our friend Eric stayed with us, he had a big presentation in Tampa this morning. We ate Chipotle, drank Becks and watched The Campaign. Wednesday night Evan and our are turning our weekly "Girl's Night" into a couple's game night complete with premade lasagne, thank baby Jesus for Mazzaro's Italian Market. Easy enough, right? Yes. Just wait.

Yesterday morning I got up early to deep clean the house and wait for our new living room furniture. By 1PM I was hosting a half a dozen people for lunch. After they left, I re-cleaned before Charity and Conti arrived to stay for a long weekend.

Thursday, May 2nd, Lunch Menu
Pasta Salad

A couple weeks ago, we rented a picnic pavilion at Fort de Soto beach for today. We will spend the afternoon soaking up the sun and cooking out, as long as it doesn't rain. Tonight we will be going out to dinner (I'm only human, I can't cook all weekend).

Friday, May 3rd, Breakfast Menu
Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches
Fruit Salad
Mimosas & Bloody Marys

Friday, May 3rd, Lunch Menu
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
Pasta Salad
Fruit Salad
Raw Veggies & Dip
(Yes, picnic food two days in a row. It's delicious and easy.)

Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. We will be serving Mint Juleps and eating finger foods, followed by a traditional chicken dinner with all the southern fixings.

Saturday, May 4th, Breakfast Menu
Fruit Salad
Mimosas & Bloody Marys

Saturday, May 4th, Specialty Cocktails

Saturday, May 4th, Finger Foods
Ham Rolls by Vanessa
[surprise finger food] by Vanessa

Saturday, May 4th, Dinner Menu
Marinated Pork Tenderloin
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Saturday, May 4th, Dessert Menu
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Homemade Whipped Cream

Sunday is Cinco de Mayo. We will be trying out JLGarvin's Beergaritas and eating my Chunky Guac pared with a homemade Mexican feast.

Sunday, May 5th, Breakfast Menu
Fruit Salad
Mimosas & Bloody Marys

Sunday, May 5th, Specialty Cocktail

Sunday, May 5th, Dinner Menu
Uncle Stan's Green Chili (this one's a secret family recipe, sorry folks)
Taco/Burrito Bar

Sunday, May 5th, Dessert Menu
Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes
(I will post this recipe on the upcoming "Cupcakes" post)

I still need to score some awesome Julep Cups and Margarita Goblets before this weekend. Ryan said he would buy me these Oscar de la Renta Basketweave Silverplated Julep Cups if we could rush order them... Then he saw the price tag and changed his mind. Damn, almost had them!


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